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Anastasia Novokhatskaya

From Prague, Czech Republic

Speaks: Russian, Russian, Czech, English,

Sports I practice: Joga,

Sports I would like to learn: Diving, Joga, Swimming,

About me

Hi everyone, my name is Anastasia. Thanks to this project Train Time whose founder is a very good acquaintance of mine, I hope to find more people who are either maternal (we have a little son 5 years old) or who are in a certain way engage in work activities alongside their men, when their filling as well as mine is to take care of the family, to arrange things and administration around our apartment, cottage and in our spare time you improve physics with specific training. I love travel, and nature, and I like to go to nature with my family, make a bike trip, go on water in summer or try to travel to the sea we really love. We like to get to know new places. I personally am interested in yoga, stretching, heat training, dancing. She would like to participate in rings for children, create new activities for children, take specific trips for children with our family and arrange tours. I would also like to learn the English I have a problem with. I love Czech and I always want to improve myself, speak Russian too.

My interests

We love chatting culture, nature travel, barbecue, meeting people thanks to interesting themed dinners. We will like to invite everyone to our cottage or meet somewhere in the city and prepare a super atypical dinner for you — we are masters of “jesters”, we prepare different kinds of “breeds”, we like we prepare fish, seafood and meat. Yoga — I am very close to yoga, I actively did it for many years, helped me move through complex periods, to calm me down and thanks to it I graduated, met my husband and found my meaning life. But I don't have time for her for the last few years, so I would like to meet people who are engaged in yoga so I can get back to a certain rhythm with them. I would also like to meet people who organise specific training sessions for moms or women with a focus on strengthening certain parts of the body. Dancing — I love dancing and I like trying to dance, I'm interested in different dances.

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