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Ivan Banha

From Kolochava, Ukraine

Speaks: Ukrainian, Ukrainian, Russian, English,

Sports I practice: Swimming, Downhill skiing, Hiking, Mountain walking, Badminton,

Sports I would like to learn: Running, Hiking, Mountain walking,

About me

Hi everyone! I’m living in a big village called Kolochava. The village is located in the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine and has many interesting tourist places. You can find here one of the biggest open-air museums in Architecture and Life in Transcarpathia called “Old Village”. Or you can find here many hiking trails with distance more than 5 km by mountainous terrain, where you will see breathtaking landscapes, unique natural paintings, amazing animals and plants. I registered on Train Time to meet new people with whom I could go hiking or bike trip across the Carpathian Mountains. Also, I can show you here many interesting and famous places like “sheep school” in Kolochava, museum “Czech school” or a natural source of healing mineral water. So register on Train Time and let’s do some activity together!

My interests

One of my most favorite activities is hiking. Fortunately, in my village, you can find several mountains. I often go to one of the biggest mountain called Strimba because what could be better than relaxing in the mountains? Also, here is cool mountain ridge called Polonina Krasna and several one-day hiking trails with a length of the route more than 16 km. I always go hike on these trails because you can see many beautiful landscapes on the way and breathe clean air to the fullest. Furthermore, as a Web Developer, I like much technical stuff like computers, programming high tech gadgets. I’m trying to develop myself as a mobile photographer. Many of my photos you can check in the gallery below. Have a look at my sports events and activities. Also, I’m providing several sports services as a tour guide.

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