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Yevgeniy Novokhatskiy

From Prague, Czech Republic

Speaks: Russian, Spanish, Czech, Russian, English, French,

Sports I practice: Motocross, Table tennis, Biking, Middle-distance running, Badminton, Table tennis, Football, Skiing,

Sports I would like to learn: Golf, Downhill skiing,

About me

Hello guys, I am Yevgeniy, born under Soviet Union in Kazakhstan, living last 15 years in the Czech Republic, country where I feel I belong to and I really love it here. I am very active and curious person. I constantly want to learn new something new, understand the upcoming task, meet new interesting people, indeed I want to integrate better. I have my family which I truly love and together we love to do trips, go to the nature, discover new places and experience new things. Together with the founder of this project of this project we organize trips and events for people and families. We hope that thanks to Train Time project, we will be able to learn more about sport, meet new people, have fun together and do things as a family. So if you have an activity for a family with a small kid /5years old/ than do not hesitate to reach us. Regarding our activities - I would like to know more about running, cardio training, but also meet people for manual work activities. I speak Czech

My interests

Our cottage: sawing wood, maintenance, bricklayer, carpenter, mountains, skiing, Nordic skiing, and football. Travelling and visiting interesting places in Spain, Greece, Turkey, Thailand…. We often like to taste local food, take a scooter and travel around. So it would be great to meet here cheap renting services, biking rentals or individuals who can help us to economize and rent their equipment while we are on the move and save us troubles which we sometimes have due to conditions. History and Czech culture - I like to read and learn better about Czech Republic, so I am keen to know as much as possible about the country, culture. Among new sport I really admire techniques and playing Golf so would also like to learn it. Sailing - Lately we purchase a boat so I would like to meet people who like to sail, go for weekend activities on river and sail somewhere.

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